Mass Effect Andromeda release date

Mass Effect Andromeda is already being parodied, looks pretty bad

Not in a nice way that makes you love the original content even more, but in a way that makes you cringe. The game is looking quite weak, with a lot of crappy animations and writing already surfacing in preview videos.

Mass Effect was last generations Action RPG darling. Universally loved by fans and critics, even a botched ending couldn’t slow them down. What’s next for this franchise however is currently up in the air, as previews haven’t been particularly positive and the videos people have pulled from the footage and posted online are looking awful. It is pretty easy to drag a video out of context and make it look bad, but that doesn’t stop it being funny.

Here are a couple¬†of my favourites with Mass Effect as a 90’s sitcom and a general compilation.

There is not much time for Bioware/EA to turn this around now, but maybe with some patches or something… I don’t know, maybe all hope is lost for this game. I was quite excited for Mass Effect Andromeda after the PS Experience videos and all the hype for the first trilogy. I sort of missed the boat with the originals as I knew your character went from game to game but I hadn’t played the first, ended up skipping the entire trilogy before I knew it.

I’m not sure how this has happened as the Mass Effect game’s had great graphics and animations last generation, it isn’t like the budget was tiny. Maybe it was a case of being rushed out the door? Time will tell as the Mass Effect Andromeda release date is March 21st.

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