Donkey Kong Jr Math

Video: The boys play Donkey Kong Jr Math and its fucking legit.

You probably haven’t played it, I hadn’t until making this video. Legitimately one of the most intense multiplayer games I’ve played in a while, get this game for your Wii U (or pirate it you scum).

We have recently started a Youtube channel to go along side this website, subscribe to it if you know what’s good. This week we played a bit of Donkey Kong Jr Math, a fast paced mathematics game that is way better than it sounds on paper.

Donkey Kong holds up a number, then you race your friend (or enemy) to collect numbers and operators to reach the number in question. Say you do 4 x 3 and get 12, you can then so x 2 and get 24 and so on. It is surprisingly fun and has that nice effect of completely forgetting basic maths as there is a shred of pressure on you.

If you don’t want to play it yourself because you have nobody to play with, check out our video below with Jack, Marc and I and pretend you are our friend. If you close your eyes it is like we are in the room with you, but you miss the action so it’s up to you.

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