Resident Evil Revelations PS4

Resident Evil Revelations PS4 and Xbox One rerelease coming this Autumn

Resident Evil: Revelations released originally for 3DS in 2012 is now making it’s way to PS4 and Xbox One, the game has now been released on 7 platforms over 4/5 years.

Resident Evil: Revelations is a pretty cool game, I wouldn’t say it was particularly amazing though. Set on a cruise ship called the Queen Zenobia, it pitches itself as classic RE horror in a mansion on the sea, but is more like Resident Evil 5 lite. Starring Jill Valentine from RE1, you go around the Queen Zenobia shooting up nautical based enemies and there are some flashback sections taking you off the ship too.

The game also introduced Raid Mode, the co-operative RPG-esque mode where you collect weapons and unlock characters before diving in to short stages pulled from the story mode, it was good fun. This is where the console versions started to add DLC and extras not available on the 3DS.

As we all know Capcom loves a rerelease, which is why I find it quite interesting there is no Switch version announced. Considering there is a 3DS and Wii U version already you’d think the Switch would be an obvious choice.

It was an absolute blast on the original 3DS, but that was due to the sheer spectacle of it all but the console versions are definitely worth a trip through if you haven’t played it before and the price is right. I’d know I’ve finished it on the 3DS, PS3, PC and Wii U, if it was bad I wouldn’t have bothered.

The price, release date and improvements (if any) over the previous versions are yet to be announced, but as a massive RE fan when we know you will know.

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