Live Action Little Mermaid trailer revealed….sort of

In the last few years Disney have been spinning out live-action versions of their classics more reliably than a Deliveroo driver on crack. But what happens when they don’t own the rights to one of their classic fairy-tales? Well you get three The Little Mermaid films at once of course!

A new trailer for The Little Mermaid has popped up online earlier this week and quickly became the number one trending video on Youtube. Check out the trailer below. It’s safe to say there is something fishy about it.

The film scheduled for release later this year is being created by brand new production company Kingsway Productions and published by Conglomerate Media (who don’t appear to exist on the internet).

Written and Directed by two relative newcomers and starring a mixed bag of actors that includes Claire Crosby (most known as the three year old who amassed over 300,000 subscribers on youtube with her rendition of “Part of your World”), Poppy Drayton (lead actress in the The Shannara Chronicles), and William Moseley most known for his roles in Disney’s Chronicles of Narnia films.

But the prize for coming out of left-field and sneaking up the back stairs is Shirley Mclaine, most known for her role in Oscar winning The Apartment, playing the old-woman story teller trope. Spoiler alert: she’ll probably turn out to be the mermaid at the end.

And to clear up any confusion now about this latest The Little Mermaid; the characters, plot, and setting have absolutely nothing in common with the Disney animated classic from 1989.

The confusion over the validity of this new trailer is easily understood and as a result the comments on the Youtube video were quickly disabled. Many commented that this new trailer came hot on the heels of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, almost as though it was trying to grab on to another films coat-tails. But mostly it was just that people were quick to jump to the conclusion that this was a Disney film. The style and feel of the trailer feels like a poor-man’s Disney for sure.

But that’s just scratching the surface of confusion. You see Disney themselves have green-lit their own live-action version of The Little Mermaid. This version though boasts having the original 1989 classic songwriter Alan Menken involved, and see’s Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda fresh of his Moana success helping the project.

“You mean this isn’t a Disney film!”

And it goes one layer deeper. Because since Disney do not own the rights to Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid even rival film-makers Universal are getting a piece of that down-where-it’s-wetter action in their own version of the film. Sadly they don’t have as much to show off about as both director Sofa Coppola and lead actress Chloe Mortez backed out of Universal’s version of The Little Mermaid last year. Meaning that Universal’s stab at The Little Mermaid is pretty much down to just a hand-held camera pointing at a fish-tank.

Chloe Mortez on the left here fyi

It’s a confusing mess and it all circles around a beloved fairy tale where the beautiful lead mermaid character ends up {{checks wikipedia for original ending}}… committing suicide and becoming the foam on the tide! What is this a snuff film!!

Regardless whether any of these three live action remakes adopt this controversial ending one thing is for sure; all you Little Mermaid fans are about to be up to your eyebrows in sea-shell bras and singing lobsters.

Why not pick up the classic in the mean time?

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