Final Fantasy XV DLC

Video: The first of the Final Fantasy XV DLC hit’s March 28th

Absolute Daddy Gladiolus is getting his own single character story in the Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Gladiolus. Kicking off the season pass on March 28th, Square Enix has already blessed us with a trailer. #bestgame.

You know what it is, you know how we get on that Final Fantasy XV hype. Sad boy Noctis can only carry the team so far before stepping out of the limelight to let Gladio shine. Now is his time with no shirt and no mercy.

In the trailer we can see a new HUD featuring just our boy Gladio including a new rage meter (choke me daddy), some new melee moves, new environments and a reappearance from double hard battle bastard Cor from the story mode.

Running at only 1-2 hours game time (read: probably less than an hour) and costing ¬£4.99 you will want to play through the various other modes like Score Attack to get your moneys worth. Beating the DLC will unlock a trailer for the next one and some other shit that Producer¬†Sawatari won’t talk about here.

After a little kerfuffle with the initial DLC involving Saban, the DLC plans for FFXV are still a little shaky at best. Promising downloadable episodes for each of the squad and a multiplayer DLC coming later, I wouldn’t jump at the Season Pass just yet. Check out the trailer below.

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