Sonic Mania release date

Sega reveals new Sonic Mania gameplay, enemies

With the Sonic Mania release date yet to be confirmed, Sega today unveiled some new information about the game, including a look at the new Green Hill Zone and some of the enemies in the game.

Yesterday the official Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter account teased a big reveal.

sonic mania release date

What could it be? The Sonic Mania release date? The return of Metal Sonic? The latter seemed most likely for a game so heavily influenced by the Mega Drive-era games. It’s fair to say then that today’s reveal wasn’t quite what fans were expecting…

sonic mania release date

Eggman‘s strong arms specialist, Hard Boiled Heavy member Heavy Gunner has been confirmed as one of the new bosses in the game. So it all turned out to be a bit of a tease from Sega, but the art style definitely evokes memories of classic Sonic from the early ’90s, which further points towards this finally being the sequel that Sonic & Knuckles deserved (we’ll just pretend Sonic 4 never happened).

Perhaps of more interest is a new video showing Act 2 of the Green Hill Zone. The video shows off loads of new game mechanics that have been added to the most iconic stage in Sonic The Hedgehog history. Zip wires now allow Sonic to traverse the landscape and some elemental aspects have been introduced, with the fire shield now able to destroy wooden objects.

Sonic Mania is due to be released within the next few months, with a recently announced Switch version launching alongside the PS4 and Xbox One. Project Sonic 2017 will follow towards the end of the year for all three consoles as well.

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