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Video: LLC crApps: The worst iOS games Episode 3

The worst iOS games: over 1,000 apps are released every day for the App Store. Invariably the quality varies hugely and for every Angry Birds there are hundreds of crApps.

Episode 3 features more completely ‘original’ App Store creations – this week it’s a portrait special. But let’s be clear, none of these pieces belong in The Louvre. For your enjoyment Oliver and Craig are playing Escape Game For Batman, Hidden My Game By Mom! and Superhero Escape From Loki Cat “For Marvel World”.

Join us as we try to help Batman escape from a slew of targeted ads for the Czech Republic (Oliver’s been travelling) and puzzle over the misuse of the term ‘escape’ as we face off against Loki Cat.

But wait! You might need to take a seat for this one – Oliver introduces Craig to a game so bizarrely entertaining that most of the episode is spent playing it and quite unthinkably it earns the highest of Last Life Club accolades: it’s notcrApp.

All the featured apps are available for free on iOS and/or Android just in case you want to check that we’re not making this up.

Previous episodes are available on our YouTube channel.

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