Day-Z Console release

Day-Z Creator’s other unfinished game has been cancelled

“I want to make a game that is not a game” said Dean Hall at E3 2015 and in a way he was successful. Out of his two publicly announced projects we have zero complete games, so well done mate.

Back in 2015 it was a weird time for games, pre-NMS (No Man’s Sky) Era. Anyone would believe anything and jump on the back of the marketing hype. NMS needed to happen to give everyone a reality check (well not everyone) and see what was up with the games industry. Post-NMS we’ve had one of the strongest starts to a year possibly ever and whether or not those two things are related are just 10 minutes of googling away, but I’d rather live in ignorance.

Dean Hall currently has the PC version of Day-Z in development (but available to purchase, obvs), the console versions of Day-Z which we have heard nothing about since their announcement back in 2015 and until recently, Ion.

Ion was another game from the brilliant mind of Dean Hall that will never be finished. Working with his New Zealand based devs Rocketwerkz and simulation company Improbable, Ion was set to be an MMO about humans trying to create sustainable life in space (or something, it was literally one trailer).

I do respect Hall for sticking to his guns though, a man of his word.

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