Nintendo Switch Sales

Nintendo Switch sells 80,000 units in UK at launch weekend

The Nintendo Switch opens reasonably strong this weekend with a naughty 80k sales (UK only) under it’s belt. That is probably it for March though.

The Switch has outdone it’s predecessor, the Wii U, by 100% with the launch weekend for that system selling a paltry 40,000. This again is UK only, for the sake of this article all the numbers will be UK only.

The line up of games for March retail wise is done, with no other physical releases until April. The e-Shop titles coming this month are only accessible to current Switch owners, so don’t expect to see a sudden jump in sales for the new machine as new games come to the system.

Comparing this to other recent Nintendo launches is a bit of a minefield as Nintendo like to play the long game, let’s do it anyway though.

Nintendo launch weekend numbers:

  • Wii – 105,000
  • 3DS – 113,000
  • Wii U – 40,000
  • Switch – 80,000

The reason I say this is a minefield is because the systems sell for their entire lifetimes, rather than in pockets or with up/side grades like Sony or Microsoft. For example the Wii sold 105,000 during it’s opening weekend but went on to be the biggest selling console of all time, the 3DS sold more during it’s launch. It’s hard to tell.

Just for comparison’s sake, here are some other recent launch weekend figures:

  • PS4 – 250,000
  • PS3 – 165,000
  • Xbox One – 150,000
  • Xbox 360 – 70,000

Did you get a Nintendo Switch this weekend? As far as we can tell it isn’t sold out anywhere in the UK, still probably better to wait a few months though.

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