Video: LLC crApps: The worst iOS games Episode 2

The worst iOS games: over 1,000 apps are released every day for the App Store. Invariably the quality varies hugely and for every Angry Birds there are hundreds of crApps.

Episode 2 features more completely original App Store creations which absolutely, most definitely are not based upon existing franchises. This week ChrisOliver and Craig are playing Poppy Kart, Super Dash – Take The Sonic Hedgehog Until The!! and Mad City Gangs: Nice City 2 for your enjoyment.

Join us as we marvel at Daddy Crapo‘s classroom (and poor grammar), debate whether Sonic Super Dash is wearing a cape or has an inordinate amount of back fat and grapple with a torrent of pop-up adverts as we try to explore Nice City.

All the featured apps are available for free on iOS and/or Android. Just in case you want to check that we’re not making this up.

Episode 1 is available on our YouTube channel.

Long time Sonic The Hedgehog apologist. Love/hate relationship with Nintendo. Big fan of retro games, hater of modern retro-styled games. General grump and proud of it.