Breath of the Wild concept art shows a very different launch game

Games go through development cycles and iterations (to the surprise of no one) but The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looked really different in it’s planning stages. Check it.

By now you’re probably playing Breath of the Wild on your aching Wii U console or shiny new Switch (I know I am, I pre-wrote this on Thursday hehe). The game you are playing now wasn’t always the massive, metacritic destroying behemoth it is today. Oh no. So without further ado lets take a look at what could of been in store for our Hylian boy Link.

The Holy Shit look

Breath of the Wild concept art

First up we have Link as a cool teen (am I saying that right?) with his slouch beanie and motorcycle. This is probably a hang over from the Mario Kart 8 DLC but could you imagine the uproar if it came to this? Link tearing around New Hyrule on his motorcycle listening to speed metal classic “A Goron fucked my sister” while smoking a fatty.

That is what this Link looks like is going to do, a massive drug on your television. He’s wielding a sword in the art but I can guarantee that he would do most of his slaying with that sweet guitar axe he is holding in the far right picture. It’s not a phase Zelda, it is who he is now.

The Real Time Strategy look

Breath of the Wild concept art

Not quite as exciting as the prospect of Link slinking off to smash Zelda’s goose behind a dive bar like the above concept, but still interesting none the less. We’ve had Link in adventures, in 1 vs 100 Dynasty Warriors scenarios, co-operative multiplayer, competitive fighting and racing, so why not in a strategy game?

While I can’t see how they could make this particularly interesting (I’m not well versed in Zelda lore, can you tell?) I’m sure Nintendo could make it work. They gave the Strategy-Pinball-Shouting mash-up that was Odama a home on the Game Cube after all, they love trying new things don’t they.

The “Nintendo” look

To your parents anything and everything is a Nintendo. If it plays games and you hold a controller it is a Nintendo. You know what games look like to your parents? Savagely 8-bit. I’d love to have their ignorance you know, not obsessively combing over message boards and twitter feeds to find new information on this soul sucking hobby. Just to be like “I used to have a Nintendo, but since then I’ve grown up and am too busy with girls.”

The 8-bit look in the video above makes me want a Zelda Maker though, why stop at Mario Maker. You’ve got a whole load of great series that are begging to be made in to auto scrolling levels or placed in an unplayable 99 lives mode.

The Close Encounters look

“How about instead of all this whimsy fantasy shit that we are always doing, we instead go for sci-fi stuff like aliens and space? Like Star War, how about that?” says Miyamoto after a long drag on his cigarette. Check out Ganon in a Metallica shirt on the right hand side, tell that didn’t come from a doodle in a frustrated drawing room.

For real though this is pretty cool, I have no problem with aliens and space ships in Hyrule (or HY-RUL3). Weren’t the original tri-force girls from space or something? Send ’em back.

We have a Breath of the Wild review coming soon (hopefully) so come back soon! In the mean time check out our new Youtube channel, it is full of good stuff.

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