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Nintendo Switch Sales Prediction – 5 million in 2017

SuperData Research has given a Nintendo Switch sales prediction of 5 million consoles in 2017.

A leading provider of market intelligence for the games industry, SuperData‘s pre-release prediction of 5 million sales for the Switch in 2017 sounds promising for Nintendo.

The firm published its Nintendo Switch sales prediction based on slow-but-steady sales throughout the year due to the staggered release of titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey, which should put the console in a solid position coming into the festive season.

nintendo switch sales prediction
Switching things up: tomorrow the Wii U becomes part of Nintendo’s past

Although 5 million sales might seem modest, it’s on a par with – if not slightly more than – actual sales of the Wii U in its first 12 months, despite the Switch starting from a weaker position in terms of its predecessor.

SuperData‘s Nintendo Switch sales prediction likely reflects the commitment the company has made to their software line-up in 2017, which suggests they’ve finally learnt from the criticisms of early Wii U and 3DS adopters. Both consoles suffered poor sales in the latter half of their first year on the market due to a dearth of software.

nintendo switch sales prediction
Switch titles in development: has Nintendo finally learnt its lesson?

The Switch is released tomorrow and is currently out of stock on Amazon‘s UK and US stores. Nintendo is expected to ship around 2 million consoles before the end of the month – far less than the Wii U at launch. Let’s just hope it doesn’t stay out of stock as long as the NES Mini!

You can check out Last Life Club’s farewell to the Wii U here and loads more Switch coverage over the weekend and into next week.

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