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LLC Podcast Episode 9: Wii loved U, sorry.

We say our goodbyes to the now cult classic system the Nintendo Wii U, along with all our normal shit that we do.

Gary, Tess, Oliver and Craig talk over the now dead Wii U. Discussing it’s pros and cons, successes and failures all that sort of thing. Also some of the standard news like Xbox Pass and Overwatch gossip. It’s all good stuff really, not gonna lie.

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Time Stamps

0:00:00 – Intro

0:00:30 – What are you playing? (World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XV, Elite Beat Agents, Pikmin 3, Rocket League)

0:09:10 – Middle Earth: Shadow of War Leak

0:12:00 – Overwatch Character Rumour

0:15:30 – Sunset Overdrive Sequel talks

0:19:00 – Xbox Pass Announcement

0:26:00 – Wii U Launch

0:35:15 – Wii U Downfalls/Positives

0:53:00 – Wii U Favorite Games

1:02:00 – How will the Wii U be remembered?

1:05:00 – Wii U Quiz

1:11:11 – Favourite Nintendo System

1:19:00 – Outro

As always thanks for listening, if you have any questions feel free to tweet us @lastlifeclub or send us an email over at podcast@lastlifeclub.com

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