Resident Evil 7's Jack's 55th Birthday DLC

Video: Finish off Resident Evil 7 Jacks 55th Birthday DLC

The second part of Jacks 55th Birthday DLC is pretty fiendish, but it should be a cake walk (hehe) with our video and text guide.

The first part of this guide can be found here.

Stage 4: Guest House 2

This time round it is much easier to get your S Rank as you will already have the holy trinity of Golden Crowbar, Speed Up I and Brawler. Just follow the video and you will be fine, this one is simple compared to the other two. Just make sure you grab the bobble head in the attic.

Stage 5: Testing Area 2

This stage brings back the tripwire traps/bomb crates from the Testing Area in the single player mode. Unfortunately you can’t rely on the classic trifecta of golden crowbar and power ups so you have a bring a couple of extras.

The ideal loadout for this stage is the Shotgun, Golden Crowbar, 10 rounds, Time Bonus a-II, Speed Up and Brawler. This is quite a lot of inventory space so you will be taking three main trips away from the safe room for your S-Rank.

The Happy Birthday test room is here but it isn’t worth going in to the part full of bombs (you will know it when you see it) just head left and kill the lock door molded and grab the cake and drink.

Stage 6: Main House 2

This is the big one, the final stage in the DLC. You can go back to the triple threat of Crowbar, Brawler and Speed up perks but also bring in Time Bonus as a little extra. This stage is huge but by hitting the 2X bobble head at the right moment you can get almost 2 minutes of extra time.

You need to focus on mixing Sugar and Garbage to make the Baker Family Special (yum) which is worth 400 pts, you can make this 5 times in this stage but in the video I only made it 4. When grabbing the red laser in the room where you fight Chainsaw Jack in the main game, you need to beat Marguerite and then run back around to back staircase and up in to the basement kitchen area ASAP. In the cage to the left of where you enter the room is a bobble head,

Upon completion you will receive the Golden Laser which “Packs a punch and never runs out of ammo“. A great tool if you want to go for SS Ranks, I don’t know if I will though. It’s been an intense experience so far.

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