Guy becomes the first ever to beat all 714 NES games

With the birth of video-games there was also the birth of video-game fanatics. People who pour their heart and soul into the games they love and achieve incredible feats. The Mexican Speedrunner recently completed a colossal undertaking. He has captured himself completing 714 NES games over the last three years.

To understand the level of dedication Piotr Delgado “The Mexican Runner” Kusielczuk has shown in completing all 714 commercially released NES games you really have to have played a NES. You see, the NES has a lot of bad games. Games that are so terrible you can’t even fathom how they exist. Piotr has played them all and completed them.

He even completed the Bible.

He at first started with no help or guides to aid him in his quest to complete every game. But drama struck!

around game #395 I had to make a very difficult decision. I had been told that I wasn’t the only one trying to beat all the NES games. There was another person attempting the feat and he had beaten almost the same amount of games that I had at that time

Spare a thought here that out there is some other person who was attempting this challenge. Worrying their friends, disappointing their boss, and jeopardising their marriage. And after all that they were beaten to the gold medal.

The Mexican Speedrunner around game 459

In case there are any doubters out there all seven-hundred plus games are avaliable to be watched in their entirety on Piotr’s website. The absolute highlight of these is when Piotr spends 91 hours to complete Miracle Piano Teaching system. Armed with his piano, a NES, and a depressing realisation of the size of this game Piotr powers through to become kinda alright at playing piano.

It’s an achievement for sure what Piotr has undertaken. One of those achievements that you could easily mock, but when you consider the actual scale involved, the effort invested, and the dedication required, you can’t help but be impressed.

So what’s next for Piotr? Maybe completing all the SNES games out there.

NES has probably the hardest game library of any other console, so it wouldn’t be that challenging to me.

I really doubt that as I’ve been stuck trying to get my pilot license on island three of Pilotwings for twenty years now.

Make sure to check out The Mexican Speedrunner’s Twitch right HERE.