Shenmue HD Remaster

Rumoured Shenmue HD Remaster makes sense

Shenmue 3 (or III if you’re a dick) has been pushed back to 2018 to the surprise of nobody. A Shenmue HD Remaster might be able to give you your temporary sailors fix until then though.

Your boys at Rice Digital have a trusted source at Atlus USA who have told them that Shenmue one and two (I & II) will be coming to current gen in the form of remasters.

Being sold together rather than separately, this should be a good way to build a new audience for Shenmue 3 (III) when it does eventually drop. While it got a hell of a lot of cash on Kickstarter, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the backers don’t know the events of the first and second episodes.

Being more of a case of when rather than if, the Shenmue HD Remaster is inevitable. Sega strongly hinted at it at the end of last year and Shenmue HD appeared on Xbox 360’s dev database as well.

I would be pretty surprised if all the playable arcade machines and other licensed products appear in this version, Crazy Taxi was gutted for all it’s licenses before being re-released. With some actual playable Sega titles available in-game this seems even less likely. When we have an update we will let you know.

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