crapps episode 1

LLC crApps: The worst iOS games Episode One

Over 1,000 apps are released every day for the App Store. Invariably the quality varies hugely and for every Angry Birds there are hundreds of crApps (crap apps, geddit).

Having recently celebrated a landmark podcast download, Last Life Club is on a quest to conquer the world (or at least make enough revenue so we can quit our jobs) via YouTube. We will be scraping the barrel of the App Store and playing some dreggy crApps for your viewing pleasure every fortnight. What better way could there be to kick off your weekend?!

Episode 1 features Resident Within Evil Forest, Lara An Amazing Rooftop Assassin Ninja – Busting Crime In The City and The Legend Of Zeldo: Lonk’s Awakening.

All the featured apps are available on the App Store, if you want to check that we’re not making this up.

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