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Zelda : Breath of the Wild amiibo rewards found plus check out some nifty concept art

New video shows rewards for the upcoming amiibo. Also check out some concept art!

One of the few hangovers of the Wii U and 3ds era are Amiibo. The latest crop of Nintendo‘s little interactive statues are based on upcoming Switch title Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild. Apart from the two pound price hike one of the main mysteries around them are what they actually unlock in the game.

Well recently some Switches have been sent out with accompanying Amiibo so we have finally got a glimpse at those rewards.

Below Gamexplain take a quick look at the packaging to unearth their secrets, but it’s pretty interesting  that the packaging only shows the 3ds and Wii U with no Switch present.

Yep so it’s looking like we are getting some nifty weaponry for the price of an Amiibo. Also there’s a saddle for Epona so dust off your horse armour jokes.

Below is some rather amazing concept art, featuring an incredibly dashing Falco lookalike.

Bokoblin, ready to go clubbing
A Guardian looking rather livid
Link being all Hollywood jumping and shooting
Mipha the Zora, looking stylish with her blue scarf
Rito Archer named Revali looking all suave
Zelda rocking a badass look while reading ebooks on her tablet


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