Overwatch might have a new Hero incoming… And it doesn’t look like it’s Doomfist.

Blizzard have decided to bust everyone’s bubble by hinting that Doomfist may not be Overwatch’s 24th Hero.

Overwatch have so far given us two new heros since it’s launch last year. So far we have seen our support sniper Ana and our friendly neighbourhood hacker, Sombra. With hype gaining momentum over the possibility that Terry Crews will be voicing Doomfist (a popular guess at the next addition to the game’s current line up) Blizzard have decided to jump the gun and debunk this.

Terry there, helping dispel rumours…

Well.. Sort of.

The game’s director, Jeff Kaplan, has posted on the official forums:

24 is not who you think it is.

This doesn’t rule-out the introduction of Doomfist, as such, but it certainly seems this way. However in the same thread Jeff confirmed a new hero is the next stop on the Overwatch progression:

We have multiple new heroes being worked on right now plus numerous events and event-related content. We’re always asking ourselves “what would make the biggest impact for the most people” when we prioritize. Right now, we feel like introducing a new hero to the line up would be more impactful to the game. Hope that makes sense.

Talk about cryptic, man. But if the next hero isn’t Doomfist then who the hell is it? The mystery man is embedded deep in the game’s lore already; he’s mentioned in one of the very first cinematic sequences, you escort his gauntlet in the Numbani map… In the latest PTR the glass around this is smashed.

If they are just trying to up the hype train and get us all speculating… It’s worked.

I can only hope that they don’t drag out this character reveal too far. Sombra went on for far too long, as we all know, and everyone is itching to get their hands on someone new.

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