Resident Evil 7's Jack's 55th Birthday DLC

Video: Get a leg up in Resident Evil 7’s Jack’s 55th Birthday DLC

Here is how to get S ranks on half of the available stages in Resident Evil 7’s Jacks 55th Birthday DLC, in lovely video format.

This new mode is an absolute blast, if a little tricky to start with. As I outlined in my review, you must find and combine food items to satisfy Jack Baker on his 55th Birthday.

Getting S ranks on the stages is quite straight forward once you have acquired the Golden Crowbar (get an A on Stage Two, Testing Area) and the Brawler perk (Get an S on Stage One, see below). I also include the Speed Up perk (which I can’t remember how I unlocked but I’ve only played stages 1-3) to help Mia run about a bit quicker.

Stage One: Guest House 1

This is ironically the most complex stage in terms of weapons swapping and load outs as you can’t rely on the crowbar/brawler perk combo of later stages until you unlock it here.

You will need to make three distinct trips out of the safe room, once taking just your Speed Up I perk, then going back for the Pistol and Firepower A, then finally grabbing the Shotgun and ammo for the final stretch.





Stage Two: Testing Area 1

For this area you will be taking two trips away from the safe room, but the Golden Crowbar and your new Brawler perk will be enough, don’t forget there are laser guns to be found in each stage after all. I always take the Speed Up I for good measure.




Stage Three: Main House 1

This stage has a lot of locked doors, by following the video below you get a pretty efficient trip around the house unlocking the doors as you go. Make sure you don’t miss the hidden cake behind the sheet on the shelving (see below), as it is worth a lot of points. Again all you need is your Brawler, Crowbar and Speed Up I perks.




Part Two will be available whenever I actually manage to beat them and not a moment sooner. Good luck!

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