Nintendo Switch Leak

Video: Someone already has a Nintendo Switch, UI shown

Press units of the Nintendo Switch are out in the wild as of yesterday, but outlets are still embargoed and don’t have any games to show. One sneaky man has the goods through a store error and has filmed the entire Nintendo Switch leak.

Neogaf user hiphoptherobot is uploading videos to YouTube showing what is currently available on the system, thanks to a store error which ended up with him getting his unit two weeks early. Just the unit though, no games.

The video isn’t really all that interesting unless you’re a super nerd. Everyone will be pleased to know however that the UI is snappy and responsive, unlike the Wii U one which has a tendency to hang on major menu options.¬†There is no Miiverse but there is a Mii Maker, a night mode theme and sleep mode. Even the shop isn’t included yet, as it will be downloaded in a day one patch.

You might have heard of that kid who has been camping outside the Nintendo Store in New York for 2 weeks already wanting to be the first inline for this new console, unfortunately it looks like he has already been beaten to the punch.

Check out the video below.


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