Destiny 2: Coming this year

Details have finally come to light and it looks like Destiny 2 is coming this year. It sounds promising… But Destiny always did. 

Hopefully, this will be the boost that Bungie’s universe needs…. Hopefully, we find out who or what the Traveller is… Is it good, is it evil? Someone, PLEASE tell me.

Anyway, my personal qualms aside. Here’s a round-up of what we know so far… And what we’d like to see:

Activision is looking to pick up a new audience with this sequel, which makes me wonder what exactly this means… Is this them telling us they are going to release it on PC or are they going to change up the game? What I am lead to believe, however, is that this is going to be a fresh start. Do I want to lose the characters I’ve put so much time into? Do I want to lose my favourite vanilla weapons? No, not really. But will it be nice to come at this universe from a new angle? Absolutely.

Something that was lacking from D1 was frequent content updates. For a living, breathing universe we saw very little in terms of progression – the year-long wait between The Taken King and Rise of Iron is illustrative of this. Activision have already stated that they have “follow on plans” for D2 and while this is very vague indeed it is at least hopeful (even if it is only small events and cosmetic upgrades).

The Taken King

“They” tell us that they are making the game more accessible to casual players and hardcore players alike.

The name of this installment is reportedly Destiny: The Shattered Suns, this rumour has been about for some time, but as far as I can see there is no evidence that this is definitely the case. It does sound like a reasonable title though and is fairly believable.

What they have also hinted is that there will be better ‘hub’ locations like small towns or cities to make this world feel more alive, these have been referred to as play-in locations by Activision. To me, this sounds like they are picking up the MMORPG potential of this and running with it.

The last thing we know for sure is that it is due out in the fall (Q3) of this year… We’ll see.

Here we go

What do we want, though?

Personally, all I really want is a story worthy of the environment. Playing this week for the first time in ages I took a look around and couldn’t help but think “shit, this makes me feel really sad”. The game feels dead and neglected. In the early days it swarmed with players. Farming materials, rep, strikes…You name it. Now you’re lucky to see anyone and I have been the only one in the Tower on more than one occasion. Despite how beautiful the environments are, despite the flawless gameplay and smooth mechanics. Despite being fun and satisfying… There is not enough content and variety to keep people playing. This needs fixing.

If rumors are to be believed then D2 will take place on Saturn and this will be larger than all the previous areas combined. Not only this but it will heavily feature the Cabal who will be the main antagonists in this game. Hmm..

Think Grunts on ‘roids.

We want a better single player experience; I understand that games nowadays centre on multiplayer but it is a real shame that when you boot up the game there is very little you can do without the help of others. Along these same lines, it would be great if Bungie gave us a matchmaking service for raids – finding another 5 players to raid with can be a momentous task in itself.

A new playable class or race would be fabulous too. There is no doubt this universe has been built from the ground up and that what we’ve seen so far barely even scratches the surface. I want to know more of the other planets, I want to know more of the Fallen, the Vex, the Hive and the Cabal. Is Mara Sov dead? We need to see more of this immense universe, maybe see the Vex used to manipulate time…. All this and the Stranger is still out there somewhere, too.

Destiny is still a good game. Disappointing it may be but it is still great fun to play and I will still happily spend an evening on it; I even (still) have fun!

Part of me is concerned that the second installment will be more disappointing than the first. But I’m no oracle and I can’t predict the future. I expect if Activision/Bungie have listened to their fans that there will be nothing to worry about and this will indeed be what we all need, and what the Destiny universe deserves.

Expect information, and a trailer, to surface at this year’s E3 in June, the release will probably be in September sometime.

I really want to be able to write something favourable about this game. Please, make it possible Bungie. 

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