Perception horror game

The Deep End Games’ “Perception” is coming to Xbox One

A little while ago we saw the concept for Perception and it has been known for a while that this game will be coming to both PC and PS4 when it’s released. Today we got some good news for Xbox fan boiz: Perception is coming to Xbox One!

Perception is set to be a horror game in which you play a young, blind, Cassie Thornton and navigate an 18th century property. To see you have to tap her cane and use echolocation to identify your surroundings… The catch is that making noise also alerts the “presence” (our ghostly antagonist) to your location – yikes!

Made by ex-Irrational and Visceral employees, The Deep End Games‘ Perception is being published by Feardemic who are (according to the Playstation blog):

a new publishing label focused on bringing players unique psychological horror games

I can’t wait to see what else they pull out of the hat!

We have very little information about this game, but we do know that it is influenced by both Bioshock and Dead Space and will be released sometime this year. This game started life as a Kickstarter project and launched in May 2015, originally it was due in 2016 – let’s hope the extra time helped them polish it!

Below is the trailer, check it out.

It is a super interesting concept, last year IGN spoke to the developers about designing a game around a handicap: the entire rundown is here. Reading through it certainly shows the dedication they have put into getting this right; it’s really special to see the amount of hard work they have put into this in a world where games are often rushed and buggy or don’t feel how they should.

If you’re a fan of horror games and want to play something different then keep an eye on this one; it has so much potential.

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