Video: RE7 Ethan Must Die Walkthrough + Vol.2 news

I think it’s time you put that bad boy to bed isn’t it? RE7 DLC Vol.2 is out tomorrow, you just haven’t got the time to fuck around anymore. It’s pretty straightforward with our Ethan Must Die Walkthrough video, just play along.

A couple more pointers

  • When it comes to knowing what to drop and keep, the herbs and yellow chem fluids aren’t really worth hanging on to. By all means mix them up if you have space and time but there are a lot of health kits around and 95% of hits will kill you in a single blow anyway.
  • Steroids give you all your health back and boost your full health, making you much less likely to die in a single hit.
  • The flame thrower and the double barrelled shotgun should be dropped to make space for other weapons. The shotgun blasts should always be aimed at the head so the one with 4 rounds per clip is just as effect as the double barrel, and the flame thrower is so weak if you are blasting at a molded head as it approaches you it won’t die by the time it gets to you.
  • You can use the flamer to destroy bombs at a safe distance though.

These tips along with the video should help you pass this hard-as-nails extra mode. Honestly it is an absolute bastard, but I believe in you.

Banned Footage Vol.2

We have a little more information on Banned Footage Vol.2 which is out tomorrow (Feb 14th) thanks to the Playstation Blog, it is a Playstation exclusive for another week after all.

That’s not quite all for Clancy, though — in Banned Footage Vol. 2, we see what it’s like for him to play a deadly game of cards hosted by none other than the maniacal Lucas Baker. 21 is deceptively simple at first, starting out as a game of blackjack, but quickly introducing disturbing twists where life and limb are on the line. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and as the game goes on, new wrinkles are added in the form of trump cards that you can play to improve Clancy’s odds at the cost of his opponent — though you’ll have to be careful, as the opponent has their own set of trump cards, too. If Clancy is lucky, you can help him make it out of this mess — if he’ll make it out all in one piece, however, is a different matter.

There’s one more tape included in Banned Footage Vol. 2 that looks at a separate set of events related to the Bakers. Daughters returns to the night when everything began, long before Ethan ever arrived at the mansion in Dulvey, Louisiana, and explores the backstory of Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Chronicling the events that lead to the Baker’s descent into madness, this tape is best played after you’ve completed the main game, as it helps provide additional context to who the Bakers are and how they ended up the way you see them in RE7.

It’s Jack’s 55th Birthday! There’s nothing quite like a big birthday bash, and that’s exactly what you’ll get in this extra mode in Banned Footage Vol. 2. Old Jack isn’t much for presents, but he sure does love a good meal! Grab some weapons and skills, then scour various sections of the Baker mansion as you race against the clock to find food for Jack while simultaneously taking out enemies to temporarily stop the timer.

You’ll need all the firepower you can get, but the more weapons and skills you carry, the less room you’ll have for food! Make sure you combine the food you pick up to make some powerful food combos to satisfy Jack’s hunger that much faster, too. Faster completion times earn higher grades and more rewards, and also grant you access to even more challenging maps in this highly replayable mode.

Be sure to listen to the Last Life Club Podcast on Thursday for Vol.2 impressions.

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