Nintendo Switch features

Nintendo Switch features video says a lot but also nothing

Nintendo are trying their hardest to clear make sure that the same confusion that plagued the Wii U marketing doesn’t happen again. In this Nintendo Switch features video we get a nice walkthrough of all the stuff that should make the console great.

This video is as standard as you get (this is good). Nintendo take a nice leisurely walk through the Switch. Switching between TV and portable mode, changing up the controllers, wifi multiplayer and charging options. Lovely.

They manage to skirt around the specifics, like power or battery life, but still give a clear overview of everything we already know.

In related Switch stuff; I am not seeing a Start/Pause button on the system. There is a capture button on the left side and a home button on the right. This means either accessing the dashboard will be a ball ache or accessing in game options will be. I’m sure they’ve come up with something but we are yet to see it. Also there is no internet browser, while this sounds like a small issue (and it is, I’m nitpicking), public wifi usually uses the web browser so you can input your details before connecting. Maybe there is a specific pop-up for public wifi, like iOS. Who knows.

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