Super Mario Run: lots of downloads, not many sales

Nintendo today revealed mixed fortunes for Super Mario Run in its first month, with huge downloads but only a small number of users actually paying for it. Super Mario Run’s 78 million downloads will have gone down well with Nintendo, comparing favourably against Miitomo’s 10 million and Pokemon Go’s 32 million downloads in their respective first months. Considering the app has yet to release outside of iOS, that number will no doubt rise over the next few months – even if it’s not actually a very good game.

However paid-for sales stand at a decidedly smaller 4 million – or around 5% of the total downloads. The decision to reject the traditional in-app purchase model in favour of a one-off payment of £7.99 raised eyebrows when Super Mario Run was released – and rightly so.


super mario run downloads
Super Mario Run: it hasn’t exactly hit the jackpot


Pokemon Go’s revenue during its first month was around £113 million compared to Super Mario Run’s £30 million, despite the latter being downloaded more than twice as much. Super Mario Run’s recent price rise to £9.99 isn’t likely to help matters either; indeed, Fire Emblem Heroes will revert to traditional microtransations when it’s released later this week.

Nonetheless, whilst Super Mario Run is unlikely to catch Pokemon Go, which last month logged it’s 500 millionth download, £30 million of revenue is still good news for Nintendo ahead of Mario’s Android debut and the Switch launch.

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