Fire Emblem Heroes Release

Nintendo’s next Mobile Game uses a standard F2P system

Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo’s next forray in to the mobile arena after the okayish Super Mario Run. FE Heroes will use a F2P standard you know (and maybe have grown to hate) over the years.Super Mario Run’s sales numbers weren’t quite as high as Nintendo wanted, so they are changing up the payment formula for FE Heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes brings the popular grid based strategy game to smart phones. The battle system is literally the same as the previous versions, except maps are only the size of your phone screen (so far). In this game you have 50 Stamina points and it costs a point to start a mission, they regenerate about a point an hour which is fair enough. Alternatively you can buy Orbs (3 pack is £1.99) which can be used for Stamina points or to have a go at the character lucky dip.

This will be familiar to anyone who has played a F2P Japanese RPG before (sometimes known as a Gacha game), you spend money (or earn through playing) currency which can be used to buy pulls or rolls on the lucky dip system. Sometimes the more currency you put in the more change you get at receiving a rare character, you get the idea.

This is all well and good but consider that there are 100’s of characters and the Fire Emblem series is famous for permanently killing off your team members if they fall in battle. Could be a serious money sink. Also a constant online connection is required, doesn’t bother me personally but others may be effected.

We have the outline of the details and game mechanics, but the specifics won’t be known until the game releases in a few days.

If you’d like to try some Gacha games in the mean time I recommend Mobius Final Fantasy or the equally excellent Terra Battle.

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