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Resident Evil 7 DLC Pack Volume One details

Capcom have been very tight lipped about the Resident Evil 7 DLC with only a few short descriptions and one screenshot/promo art per item. We actually know what it is all about, read on if you dare. (Also spoilers for DLC obviously)

Today is the release of the first of three DLC’s for Resident Evil 7, this one is titled Banned Footage Vol. 1 (gasp). It contains 3 separate parts, two of which are story related and another which looks like a new difficulty.

First of all we have Nightmare, trapped in the house you must make it through the night while defeating waves of enemies, think CoD zombies but set in RE7 and you’re on the right track. You can generate scrap using machines in the basement and use the scrap to buy guns and traps, including bombs and automatic gun cameras. Once you hear the warning alarm, prepare to hold the fort as enemies will approach from all angles. Upon clearing a stage an hour will pass, bringing you closer to dawn

Next up is Bedroom, in which you play as long suffering survivor and trailblazer (if you like) Clancy. Trapped in the bedroom you must figure out the way to escape without letting the lovely Baker mummy Margurite knowing that you are even getting out of bed. This mode is much more puzzle focused than the other two, I haven’t seen as much of this mode as I didn’t want to spoil the puzzle solutions for myself, but it involved climbing in to bed and re-shackling yourself.

Finally we have Ethan Must Die. Players thought this was an extra hard difficulty based on Dante Must Die from Devil May Cry 3 but is in fact a new mode that is separate from the main story. The house has been rigged with traps and enemies/items have random spawns, as you may have guessed you must escape without dying, lovely. You start with just the knife in the area where you park your car in the story, procuring items and weapons as you go. This mode is meant to be played many times as it’s random nature lends itself well to re runs. Some stuff is moved around the sky is blood red, pretty cool.

We also have the second equally secretive DLC Banned Footage Vol 2. (oh god) coming on Feb 14th as a lovely valentines gift, then the much anticipated Not a Hero DLC featuring the series new (massive spoilers in link) mystery man.

All the info regarding this DLC was gathered from this video here.

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