Hidden Folks announces launch date of February 15th

Hidden Folks is a puzzle game where the user has to search for objects amongst a crowded scene. And it looks fantastic. So you’ll be pleased to know it’s going to be out on iOS, Steam, and Apple Tv on Feb 15th.

You may not know the name Martin Handford but you will certainly know his drawings. Martin is the artist behind the global phenomenon Where’s Wally. And much like his counterpart, Martin and stays relatively out of the spotlight. Who can blame him given he netted 2.5 million pounds when sold some of the rights to Where’s Wally back in 2007. Even after selling these rights Martin is still allowed to draw and publish Where’s Wally books. But we haven’t seen a truly original Where’s Wally book since The Wonder Book back in 1997.  Probably because Martin spends his days riding a yacht around the caribbean islands.

Gaming in the last five years has seen a surge of ‘searching’ games. Especially on mobile platforms. But generally the genre has never been given the proper attention or care. Which is odd since it feels like a great fit to bring Where’s Wally and video-games together. The Where’s Wally iOS game is constantly in the top charts so it’s odd no developers have tried to take it on.

Hidden Folks looks to change that.  It’s looking to combine the high detail and visual joy of a crowded Where’s Wally scene and mixing it with the interactivity of a video game. It’s sure to be a treat to play and the trailer below gets the seven-year old Where’s Wally reader in me very excited. Let’s just hope the sound effects in the trailer aren’t the final ones in the game though, ay?