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LLC Podcast Episode 6: Snitches get Stitches and Nintendo Switch’s

The never ending stream of podcast episodes continue, you keep listening to them and we will keep putting them out. A lot gets talked about this week but mainly Nintendo Switch games.

Today’s episode has your boy Gary hosting, along with Chris, Tess and Oliver. There hasn’t been too much going on in the way of news, so we talk over Chris’ new PS4, Nintendo Switch games at launch, Gearbox making fools of themselves piracy. We also have a little quiz and some other fun stuff. It is a good one, this one.

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Time Stamps

00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:50 – Grow Home on PS4

00:05:00 – Splatoon

00:06:50 – Street Fighter 5 Season 2

00:07:40 – Steep PS4 (potential spoilers)

00:11:00 – Doom (2015) (Statue)

00:15:30 – Nintendo Switch games and Impressions

00:22:00 – Nintendo Switch games first year line up

00:27:00 – GTA Mod Mario Odyssey video

00:30:15 – Nintendo Switch Online

00:33:30 – Playstation 4 Menu woes

00:38:00 – Gearboxes bare foolishness

00:40:30 – Lets talk about Piracy!

00:48:00 – Quiz

00:59:00 – Favourite game bosses

01:08:30 – Social Links + Outro

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