Talking Tom Cat Developers bought for €1 Billion

You know that app with the talking cat that your five-year old cousin won’t stop shoving in your face? The developers of that game just got bought for one billion euros.

Earlier this year I wrote about Chinese Social Media mega-giant TenCent purchasing Supercell for 8 billion. It was a crazy price. But at least a social media company buying a game studio with huge franchises wasn’t too odd. But now we have a Chinese chemical firm buying a talking-cat simulator at the same price as the GDP of Poland.

Chinese companies continue to dump truckloads of cash onto western based game developers which is great for games development in general. However it does just feel a little odd. Take for example Gears of War 4 developer Splash Damage being purchased by a Chinese chicken farming company last July.

Chinese Money

Jagex also are another UK based games developer taking investment from the far east by the bucket load. So it’s a continuing trend to see Chinese chicken farms, medical companies, and chemical firms snapping up games studio in the west.

And it’s easy to see why! When a talking cat application can go for a billion euros you know as a game studio it’s well worth trying to waken the sleeping dragon of Chinese investors. Catch the eye of a Chinese recycling plant owner who’s interested in your fart-simulation iOS game and in no time you could see yourself sipping champagne with gold flakes on the deck of your new yacht.