life of black tiger ps4

Sony reveal terrible new game trailers, everybody laughs

The Nintendo Switch announcement had mixed reactions. And so Sony sharpened their stabby-tools and went for the jugular. But they slightly missed and ended up stabbing their own thighs.

Sony have recently released a string of game trailers that are questionable to say the least. Now I don’t want to discourage the hard-working developers at all on these tiles, but it’s fair to say that aren’t exactly the quality you might expect on a Playstation 4.

Let’s start with the Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine trailer released last week.

Skylight Freerange 2 is already released and avaliable to play on Playstation 4. I can confirm as well that Skylight Freerange 2 will run perfectly fine on Playstation 4 Pro.

Next up we have the Life of the Black Tiger.

With a frame-rate digits dropping quicker than a blind roofer, Life of the Black Tiger appears to be pushing the Playstation 4 to it’s limit. You’ll encounter multiple enemies to fight who immediately on death experience rigor mortis.

Finally an intro to a new game avaliable on Playstation 4 called Planet 2000. Check out the intro to the game here :

Sony certainly are bringing their A-game and I no doubt expect sales of Playstation 4 Pros to soar after seeing these AAA blockbuster titles avaliable. And let’s be fair, it’s nice that Sony are even giving smaller developers coverage on such a major platform. But it’s fair to say that maybe a little more time and tweaking should be given to these developers as these games certainly won’t be regarded as system sellers.