Bomberman R switch

Super Bomberman R is looking mighty fine

I bet you were expecting a joke about explosions or blowing things up but no, not from me. I’m┬áserious and Super Bomberman R.

Super Bomberman R is the first title for the Bomberman franchise in 6 years (if you don’t count mobile titles which I don’t). Made by ex-Hudson developers who are working for Konami, who now own the series. Bomberman R is set to be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, due out on the 3rd of March. When we know we will add the Super Bomberman R price.┬áThe release is to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the series which is funny and I don’t know why.

The game features all your standard bomberman staples like bombs, bombermen, grids and explosions but it looks super slick in it’s execution. To start with the game boasts a voice acted story mode that has 50 stages available to play in 2 player co-op. This is great.

Super Bomberman R Price

More importantly Super Bomberman R has an 8 player multiplayer mode available both online and offline. You choose the colour of your bomberman and their personality, with some of them lazily wandering around or “angry stomping guy” it is a lot of fun. If it is anything like Bomberman Live (my personal fave) for the Xbox 360/PS3, online battles will take up the majority of your time, especially if they allow multiple people from one system to go online.

In order to encourage you to play more, Bomberman R has an in game shop where you can purchase loads of lovely bits and bobs for your bomberman like comedy hats or sunglasses. You also use the money in story mode to get continues if you pop your clogs and would like to continue from the stage you’re on as oppose to restarting the entire zone. This sounds good.

super bomberman r price

The official Nintendo website says the game has Photo-real graphics, it is quite a looker but I don’t know if I’d go that far. The story mode stages are fantasy inspired but the multiplayer stages have you battling on little boards in peoples houses and park benches, it is a really cool detail.

The game is set for retail and download (4GBs) with no price set yet, as stated above. This along with Ultra Street Fighter 2 are really selling the Switch to me.

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