Amazon Affiliation and us (and you)

As the site grows we are looking for ways to support it, without getting in your way or asking anything extra of our readership. We’ve decided on Amazon Affiliation.

Amazon Affiliation for the uninitiated basically means you will be seeing ads on posts that relate to the game/console/news we are talking about. The placement of the ad within the story may change from time to time, but every ad has been handmade by us.

We manually select the best deal for that product and it sits nicely in an ad that is integrated in an inoffensive way on the site.

Our Integrity

In order to keep things above board, every appropriate post will eventually see an Amazon Affiliation advert. If the content of the post is positive or negative, we say the game is fantastic or its a pile of crap we will still include an Amazon Affiliation ad.

This way you know we aren’t being bias towards games in order to get clicks, as purchases mean more money for the site.

How it works

Once a reader clicks an ad and makes a purchase we take a small cut (around 5%) as a commission. The price is the same for the reader as it would be if they went straight to Amazon, and the ads update to keep the prices up to date with the Amazon store. We will select the cheapest deal on the given product at the time of writing.

If you click the ad and make a purchase within a couple of hours, we also get paid.

Where the money is going

Advertising money is split up between all staff equally, along with a website pot (the majority) that we use to improve the site and put out more content. It pays for things like audio/video equipment, games for review and any trips we might need to make in order to bring you the best stories.

Not an Amazon fan?

If you aren’t an Amazon fan, have any questions about our affiliation, any compliments or comments, please send an email to and someone will get back to you.

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