Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey Trailer has a more Realistic Mario

Although it might look like Mario meets Grand theft Auto at first glance, the Super Mario Odyssey Trailer show’s off a whole lot more. We are excited for this one.

Seeing Mario run around a realistic rendition of (what we assume is) New York is quite the sight to be seen. Unlike any Mario game that has come before it, this one is really treading new ground. The trailer shows a few more locales, some on the more realistic side and some others go much further in to the abstract.

While you won’t be stealing cars or shooting hookers like in GTA, this game does give some new moves to the little fat plumber. He can now throw his hat to hit enemies and bounce off of it as a temporary platform, along with being able to roll downhill a bit like Sonic in his spin dash attack.

Interestingly the logo for this game includes a globe, so we could spend the majority of it running around realistic renditions of countries/places we know in real life. The game is due for release Holiday 2017, take that however you want.

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