Xbox Scorpio Specs

LLC Podcast Episode 5: Runny noses and sore throats

Bit of a shorter episode this time, as we are all totally ill. Not in the cool fall off your skateboard way, but in a real life cold/flu way.

Tess, Gary, Oliver and Chris are present (some how) and are coming at you with groggy voices, snotty noses and lovely coughs. For real though I edited out all the coughs the best I could, some are left in for comedic effect, what’s funnier than someone who is feeling unwell?

We talk about the new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer and release date, the Xbox Scorpio specs and VR possibilities, some Steam big sellers and our arcade memories. Fun stuff.

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Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro

01:15 – World of Warcraft Christmas

03:20 – Jack Box Party Pack

05:00 – The Witcher 3

06:20 – Pokemon Sun and Moon

11:00 – Mass Effect Andromeda release date

18:15 – Zelda: BotW Delay

20:30 – Xbox Scorpio Specs

28:15 – Best selling Steam games for 2016

32:00 – Favourite arcade games – Dig Dug

35:00 – Trocedero/Funland arcade – Street Fighter

39:00 – Outrun 2

42:15 – Simpsons Arcade Game

44:00 – Local arcades

47:00 – Mental Japanese arcades

51:30 – Outro + Social accounts (Gary forgot his, @LLCgaz)

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