Xmas Special

LLC Podcast Episode 4: Xmas special + GOTY

No funny or clever name this time, just exactly what the episode is, an Xmas Special. I want you, the listener, to really get what this episode is all about.

All the dirty ho-ho-hoes (ayyy) are in this episode with Gary, Oliver, Chris and Tess being present (ayy) and accounted for. Some bits of news and banter with a Christmas spin, plus our coveted Game of the Year award, some of those big time developers are going to be gutted when they inevitably listen to the show! Yikes!

It’s a Xmas Special! Get in to the spirit!

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Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro

03:30 – Pokemon Go has got new pokemon cummin’!

07:20 – Super Mario Run impressions

16:30 – Final Fantasy XV content updates

20:00 – Anticipated for next year, Horizon
22:00 – Death Stranding
23:30 – Days Gone
24:50 – Detroit: Become Human/Quantic Dream talk
30:00 – Tekken 7/Nier Automata/Mass Effect: Andromeda
36:00 – Sonic Mania

38:00 – Last Life Club Game of the Year Countdown

1:01:00 – Coolest Xmas related game stuff

1:08:40 – Outro

1:12:25 – Bonus Heavy Rain content

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