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UPDATED: PewDiePie to delete his YouTube Channel

It’s sad to see a fellow Brightonian struggling with getting his name out there, stay strong bro you can do it.

Screaming YouTube childĀ PewDiePie is to delete his YouTube channel once it reaches 50 million subscribers, to stick it to the man (I think).

He is claiming that YouTube is purposefully pushing content over his and his income is suffering because of it. The evidence is that he has 50 million subscribers but his videos get less hits than you would expect considering the amount of people that should be seeing it, so Mr DiePie also suspects YouTube of unsubbing people from his account on the sly as well, a lot of accusations.

In order to stick it to the man and show he doesn’t give a single shit he is going to delete his channel and start fresh. At least thats what he wants us to think, keeping us on the edge of our seats in this riveting tale. This is going to go one of two ways:

A) He doesn’t delete his channel, says he loves the community for banding together and caring for him and his struggle.

B) He deletes his channel and starts new, shedding the millions of dormant subscribers his channel currently has, boosting his subscribers to view ratio and gaining new subscribers in the process. This makes his channel worth more in the eyes of sponsorship so he can make more cash and it looks like he is sticking it to the man. Brilliant.

His net worth is only $61 million so you can see why he’s annoyed at YouTube for fucking him about.

Good luck mate, let me know how it goes.

Update: He had a second channel! That he deleted! Thats our boy!

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