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Pokemon news: Meleotta for download and a fighter joins Pokken Arcade Version

Pokemon news rages on even after Sun and Moon is released. Meloetta is up for grabs while a new fighter joins the Pokken Arcade version.

Clearly Sun and Moon hitting the shelves was massive but there’s more going on in the world of Pokemon besides.


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary franchise, Nintendo have given out a slew of amazing mystery gift ‘mons this year.

Here’s the incredible list.

  • February – Mew
  • March – Celebi
  • April – Jirachi
  • May – Darkrai
  • June – Manaphy
  • July – Shaymin
  • August – Arceus
  • September – Victini
  • October – Keldeo
  • November – Genesect
  • December – Meloetta

The latest and final Pokemon being Mystery Gift-ed is Meloetta. Originally available in Black and White she has a very distinctive pair of formes called Aria and Pirouette.

She’s a charming musically themed little critter, and as someone who missed her the first time she was available I am pretty chuffed to have her now.

You can grab Meloetta from 1st to 24th December for the Pokemon titles Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire,  X, or Y. 

Note: Not Sun and Moon, just those games listed above.


In exciting news for the arcade edition of the pocket monster brawler a brand new character joins the roster of the title Germany named Pokemon Tekken.

It is no other than the regal looking water type Empoleon.

Empoleon arrives in Japanese arcades on 15th December, so just a couple of weeks away.


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