Marvel Vs Capcom 4

LLC Podcast Episode 3: No (X)Mans Sky

We’re back again but this time with Tessless energy. I’m trying to say Tess isn’t in this episode.

Chris, Gary and Oliver talk over the highlights of the last two weeks including No Man’s Sky, Marvel Vs Capcom 4 and Overwatch. Along with our first ever local multiplayer experiences and some PSX/TGA predictions.

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Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro

01:00 – Streets of Rage/The Tomorrow Children

07:00 – Stardew Valley

10:00 – Diablo III

17:15 – Gary’s bi-weekly Wii Fit Update

19:30 – No Man’s Sky Foundation Update + ASA

31:00 – Marvel vs Capcom 4 Rumours

38:00 – Overwatch Christmas Update

41:00 – PSX Predictions

49:00 – Firsts: local Multiplayer experiences

1:01:30 – Links + Outro

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