No Man's Sky ASA

ASA Declare No Man’s Sky did not ‘mislead’ consumers

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) have ruled that No Man’s Sky did not breach any advertising laws and should not be forced to remove screenshots/trailers from Steam.

In the words of fellow LLC member, Chris: “U FOKIN WOT M9”

No Man’s Sky is probably the biggest disappointment anyone has experienced from a game since E.T. I’m sure if you’re reading this you probably haven’t missed the drama that is the on-going saga of NMS… But just in case you’ve just stumbled out from under your rock into the blinding sunshine that is the complete cock-up this has been.. Let’s have a brief rundown:

  1. The game didn’t run properly… Quickly bad reviews on Steam mounted up and the refunds in came thick and fast.
  2. Radio silence from Hello Games, the guys who created this mess
  3. The announcement that the ASA would be looking into the credibility of consumer’s 23 complaints
  4. That totally awkward tweet about how No Man’s Sky was a mistake”
  5. The Founders Patch was pushed out which adds a whole bunch of features originally promised (but still not that multiplayer aspect)…


NOW we have the revelation, the declaration, that Hello Games did not, in fact, mislead consumers…

I’m being serious: They’ll make a film out of this shitstorm one day.

In all honesty, though, it’s given the gaming community a new threshold for badly orchestrated releases and it’s given nerds like me loads of material to write about. But my personal bitterness aside: how and why have the ASA decided that Hello Games should be let off the hook?

I’m not going to go into insane depth about the ruling: I’m not well versed in advertising standards and the laws surrounding it, but I’ll give you a quick breakdown of what went down… And my reaction as a consumer.
 The big thing was the graphical quality of the “finished” product versus the trailers. Basically what it comes down to is the fact that this is a procedurally generated game and thus “every playthrough will be individual”. The structures and creatures shown in the misleading trailer also came into question… But the same answer was given. It seems that Hello Games bolstered their defence and found procedurally generated content which, luckily, was “similar” to that shown in the trailer. Somehow the jammy bastards also managed to somewhat, loosely, replicate that epic space battle too. Basically a lot of the blame is passed to the consumer and suggests that we expected it to be too much like what we saw… Honestly guys. It’s not like they had 4 years to make it that way… Oh…
Trailer Vs Actual.. Not so different if you don't have eyes.
Trailer Vs Actual.. Not so different if you don’t have eyes.
A full breakdown of this fuckery can be found on Eurogamer and they do a bloody good job of it, too.
I think they should have strung Hello Games up and made an example of them… But what do I know?

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