Marvel vs Capcom 4

Weekend in Games: When’s Marvel? Edition

As Christmas draws nearer, less and less is happening in the gaming industry. Some stuff definitely happened though and we didn’t report on it, let me rectify that in the Weekend in Games.

No Man’s Sky Update


That little fucker Sean Murray is at it again, talking up his game promising amazing things. I trust him more this time around as you wouldn’t make a mistake like that twice would you?

Determined not to be outdone by his brother, Sean Murray and Hello Games are promising big things for the Foundation Update. Base-building, farming and giant space frigates are in the patch which is already live on PS4. There are some new modes in the form of Survival and Creative, in Survival you start with nothing and have to fight your way to the centre of the universe (and survive) which is what I thought the game was about anyway. Creative mode allows you to build a super solid house to hide in from the angry mob without having to worry about money or other resources.

The full patch notes can be found here. Also, looks like I was right, shame.

Pokemon Sun and Moon sell a fuck tonne


Marvel Vs Capcom 4


Pokemon Sun and Moon (combined) sales is Nintendo’s biggest UK launch ever, well done boys. Unfortunately in the charts they are counted as separate games which is fair enough I suppose. Coming in 2nd and 3rd and selling more than Wii Fit did in two weeks, the sales number is around 350,000+, but there are no concrete data yet.

Nintendo have undoubtably learnt the power of mobile, and the correlation between the Pokemon Go app and their latest release. I still don’t think New Super Mario Bros Switch will be seeing huge numbers because of Super Mario Run though.

Marvel vs Capcom 4 Rumour

Marvel Vs Capcom 4

The rumour mill has begun churning in the run up to PSX, today it has spat out Marvel vs Capcom 4. Let me just preface this by saying I don’t think this will happen, Capcom have enough fighting on their plate with Street Fighter 5 on life support.

Rumours have started on NeoGAF, with one user claiming he had been straight-up told about the reveal. The game was then sort of referenced in a tweet by known MvC3 leaker @Lupinko.

The time would be right and a lot of signs point towards it happening. Sony and Capcom are currently in bed together due to SF5, Marvel is currently Sony’s side chick with the first party Spider-Man game coming exclusively to PS4. There is a new Marvel movie coming out (when isn’t there?) and Deadpool has recently cleaned up at the box office. We are also fast approaching the 20th Anniversary for the Marvel vs Capcom Series.

As a massive Capcom fan and a Marvel fan (well I play Puzzle Quest and watch the Avengers movies), I was excited by the idea of this announcement but I just don’t think it is going to happen. Capcom are struggling right now and I don’t think another Marvel game would help them out.

It could also be Capcom vs SNK 3, the Akuma teaser for SFV doesn’t actually say SFV on it anywhere. Also the kanji on Akuma’s back is from CvS2 rather than the SF series. We will see.

Let me leave you with one of the classics.

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