Uncharted 4 Co op

Uncharted 4 Co op to be a free horde mode DLC

An Uncharted 4 Co op mode is Naughty Dogs latest addition to my personal Game of the Year (and the forever).

This new Survival Mode is dropping in mid-December and bolsters the online portion of the game. It sounds pretty standard fare but I (half) trust Naughty Dog to wrap everything up in an excellent package.

So you go online with 3 of your friends (or randoms, or go solo) and take on 50 waves of enemies per stage, there is 10 stages in total which is quite a lot of content for a freebie. Each stage has it’s own boss which is one of the (highlight to see spoiler) Pirates of Libertalia who have their own mythical powers, if they are anything like the multiplayer powers you can expect life sapping totems and teleporting.

This mode has it’s own skill tree so you can level up and grow your character, which will be a modified version of one of the characters from the games universe. This sounds lame but there is a huge amount of characters if you think all the heroes, cannon fodder and villains from 4 games are available. You can give them hats, dances and outfits, the character creator is pretty cool because nothing looks mental or forced. You don’t see a guy with a bright pink mohawk and a thong running around like you would in other shooters.

I didn’t play much of the Last of Us but I heard the multiplayer quickly descended in to pay-to-win micro transaction hell, and while UC4 multiplayer was fun it was full of the micro transaction trappings that turn me off online games. The extras are only cosmetic but its annoying enough to have them rammed down your throat between every game.

Also in Naughty Dog UC4 news is a rumour that we will see some single player DLC at PSX. The rumoured DLC is set around Nathan Drakes brother Sam, who is also an adventurer/explorer/mass murderer but he tends to do deals below the table to get what he wants as oppose to levelling everything in sight like Nathan. He was a great addition to the story, he didn’t take the spotlight away from Drake but still remained at the centre of the plot.

I’ve finished Uncharted 4 earlier this year and I’m not alone in thinking it was an absolute masterpiece and the best game I have ever played (I don’t say that lightly either). I don’t feel as though it needs anymore DLC and the story was told fully and completely over the course of it’s story mode, I won’t turn my nose up at single player DLC if it is announced though.

Check out the Co-operative Survival mode trailer below.

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