Nintendo Switch Rumours

Nintendo Switch Rumours Roundup

Here are all the latest Nintendo Switch rumours in one easy post, you lucky girl.

As all these are just rumours keep in mind that nothing is concrete information. However, the Switch is a unique release in that it has had only one piece of marketing less than 4 months until it’s launch. All this information that is leaking would normally be available at this point. Also the sources used for this article have been spot on so far with their leaks/rumorus.


The price of the Switch remained a mystery up until recently when a Canadian Retailer listed it as £189 (approx.) on their website couple of weeks ago. This opened a can of worms with pricing as previously we had absolutely nothing to go on, many people said this was just a placeholder price and even our very own pessimist Tess said it would be a premium priced console (generic podcast plug).

Known leaker Laura Kate Dale who has been incredibly accurate so far, has said that UK retailer GAME is listing a base model at £199 and the billy big bollocks version at £249. The standard has smaller memory and no pack in, the £249 version has a packed in game (rumoured to be Splatoon) and expanded memory. Good shit.

Previously Known Game Rumours

Nintendo Switch Rumours

Untitled 3D Mario: Could be available at launch, hub world with stages (think Mario 64) with a 4 player cooperative element.

Skyrim: Ready for launch as well, being worked on extensively by Bethesda. Based on the Special Edition Remaster.

Zelda: Won’t be ready for launch, could even be 4 or 5 months later. Likely September.

Mario Kart Switch

Nintendo Switch Rumours

Mario Kart Switch is an enhanced port of Mario Kart 8 (aka the best Mario Kart game, don’t @ me) featuring new characters and some new tracks. MK8 already has 48 tracks (including DLC) so I can see this game possible adding another 16 which would equate to 4 cups. For the uninitiated this would mean 8 brand new tracks and 8 rehashes of retro tracks. The rehashes are always very well done and are never straight ports.

The new characters could be anyone at this point as MK8 opened the door to other Nintendo franchises. The only one that is actually confirmed (for real) is Boo as he can be seen in the Switch trailer. I could see them throwing a couple of Pokemon in there and a Pokemon themed track but we could end up with Baby Dry Morton.

Also coming with this port is a refreshed Battle Mode, with suspected rehashes of previous game stages and a couple of new ones. A stage based on the Switch itself could be cool, have you driving on a giant rendering of the console, with the item boxes on the Joy Cons which detach or something. I don’t know I don’t work at Nintendo (but I should).

Pokemon Stars

Nintendo Switch Rumours

I’m sure many of you remember Pokemon Yellow, the enhanced-rolled-together version of Pokemon Red and Blue. Pokemon Stars is the enhanced, complete version of Sun and Moon (Eurogamer). It would be the first time a classic style Pokemon game has been made available on a home system and it is already fully 3D, a massive step up production wise from it’s predecessor.

Speaking of 3D, the 3DS versions of this game don’t make use of the 3D screen, lending even more evidence to this eventual port. The 720p upscale to 1080p shouldn’t look too rough, but we don’t know what additional effects the Switch can provide.

Mario and Rabbids (of course)

Nintendo Switch Rumours

Lastly is an insane rumour that came to light today, featuring the Rabbids of Rayman Raving Rabbids fame. Starting as a little mini game collection for the Wii launch line up the Rabbids then went on to star in numerous games for numerous systems but were ultimately out done by Minions. If you don’t know the Minions (the yellow tic tac fucc bois) and the Rabbids are very, very similar.

This Mario and Rabbids cross over game (yeah) is an RPG made by Ubisoft under the watchful eye of Nintendo. Ninty want to make sure their characters are represented accurately in this new game and it may be one of the only times Nintendo have given up control of their iconic characters to another company. This rumour is brand new but expect more information to come in the next few days.

Mario Rabbid by HephyArt

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