Watch Dogs 2 Nudity

Watch Dogs 2 nudity features actual vajoojoos

Watch Dogs 2 nudity has managed to one up GTA:V, that’s what you get for trying to be politically correct, Rockstar.

NeoGAF user Goron2000 has been blocked from PSN for posting a picture to his Twitter (and by proxy the ”What’s New” feed on his PS4 and others around the globe) that he had taken in-game on Watch Dogs 2.

After, I assume, murdering the civilian he thought he would take a cheeky peek up her skirt (who wouldn’t?) and lo and behold, crotchless panties with a little roastie showing, yum.

It’s linked here because it is obviously pretty En Ess Eff Double-yoo. I suppose while Ubi couldn’t muster up the strength to animate a female playable character, full on shots of the honeypot were not a problem.

This instance of a naughty clout being on show in WD2 is not isolated either! Since baring all on NeoGAF/Twitter Goron2000 has inspired others to let it all hang out. Here is a video of someone hacking a nudist to steal their money, and here is the same player watching a completely naked man do a lovely piss.

Video games in 2016 guys, iconic.

Update: Clunges are being patched out, cocks are staying in, get ’em while you can!

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