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UK Top 20 Games! Week ending 5th November 2016

UK Top 20 games across all formats for the week ending 5th November 2016.

How will Call of Duty fare in the ongoing FPS war plus will other new entries enter the top 20?

UK's Top 20 Games!

Well surprise, surprise Call Of Duty tops the chart with Infinite Warfare knocking Battlefield 1 into second place. That is despite smaller numbers and the whole segregation of Steam and Windows players, if you want to read more go here to let Oli fill you in as part of Weekend in Games. In terms of other new entries UK’s obsession with Football Manager continues with the 2017 edition coming in at 6.

Looking at big movers and Skylander‘s festive bump came in style as Imaginators moved from 19 all the way up to 7, oh and yep I did mention that last week and no I don’t feel all smug because I was right.

For the most part it’s business as usual for the majority of the chart as we enter November with big franchises filling up the top twenty in the run up to Christmas.

No other big entries or movers with the exception of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 which is now down the tail end of the chart at 20 after plummeting from 7.


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