Nintendo Xmas Adverts aims at Parents Petty-cash

The Wii U takes another beating in a dark-alley this week as Nintendo Xmas adverts focus entirely on the 3DS and 2DS.

Nintendo of USA have revealed two new adverts that will air over the Christmas period. And as expected the Wii U is not allowed at the adults dinner table today. It’s been relegated to the attic to eat its holiday gruel around a vent-light with it’s Wii brethren.

On a two-dual screen open sleigh

The adverts are clearly aimed at Mums and Dads looking for a mid-range electronic good for this kids this Holiday season. The 3DS is shown throughout the adverts; despite a price point for the 3DS never actually being shown. Only the entry level $80 price of the 2DS is shown. This is a clever ploy that works effectively and will likely see a bunch of Mums, Dads, Aunts, and Uncles snapping them up. Even I’m tempted to pick up a 2DS at that price. And I don’t even have kids…or a wife…or a family…or a nice house…or Christmas themed tablecloths. Good God. What am I doing with my life.