Animal Crossing Direct

Animal Crossing Direct: this is what went down.

Today was the Animal Crossing Direct, it focused on the new update bringing Amiibo functionality to 2013’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The update is available on the e-Shop right now.

Before the Direct had even started Nintendo did make some statements about the update, listed below:

  • Tap an amiibo™ card to invite the pictured character for a visit at your new campsite
  • All existing Animal Crossing™ amiibo™ figures and cards are now compatible with the game
  • 50 new Animal Crossing™ series amiibo cards are now available

If you have the standard 3DS you will need an NFC Reader to take advantage of this part of the update, but the New 3DS already has a reader built in.

The Direct started with a new villager named Harvey who was a hippie dog, giving us a quick introduction to the campsite and other main features of the update. He had a bird on his head to translate the Animelese the villagers speak in game.

The campsite is a new area that is owned by that same hippie dog, it allows you to invite villagers to come and camp over and gives you access to their personalised mobile homes.

Wisp is in New Leaf now, tapping a Villager Amiibo Card on the reader while talking to Wisp will give you the option to invite them to your campsite in their RV. You can also get what looks to be seasonal villagers dropping by in in the other spot in the campsite. Inside the RV’s there is a mixture of new and old items which you can buy with new MEOW coupons, the new items are not available in town.

Mutual Exchange of Wealth (MEOW) coupons are a new currency that you earn just for playing the game, which can be used in the campsite.

The first four generations of Amiibo Cards will also summon villagers to your town, but they won’t be in an RV, you can still invite them the same. Splatoon and Zelda Amiibo are also compatible with the campsite, bringing you villagers and items from the series.

Animal Crossing Direct

The Secret Store Room is a new feature that allows you to carry way more stuff, which is great for hoarders as the Direct jokes.

Also in this update is a camera feature, which is very similar to what we saw in Miitomo, you can add villagers to your shots with various expressions.

Desert Island Escape is a new game mode for New Leaf, you must build a raft in 7 days and escape the island. To access this game you must get an in-game Wii U console. Animal Crossing Puzzle League is a mode that looks to be quite similar to Puyo Puyo and Puzzle Fighter, and can be played in game on in-game 3DS consoles. You can use Amiibo for special moves in these games.

Animal Crossing Direct

You can now sell your town to Tom Nook so you can start a new town with a nice budget, the one in the demo was 15 million bells.

Also touched on in the Japanese stream was Miitopia, a new Mii centric game in the vein of Tomodachi life and Miitomo.

The stream should be viewable again on the Nintendo YouTube channel soon.

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