Super Mario Maker 3DS

Super Mario Maker 3DS adds Medal Challenges

With 100 new stages and new challenges, it might be worth picking up Super Mario Maker 3DS... If you don’t own the Wii U version. 

Super Mario Maker on the Wii U was the game that made me to get my second Wii U. I traded in my original Wii U just 4 days before Iwata died, I’m not saying those two events are related but they probably are.

Super Mario Maker 3DS version gets rid of one of the most essential parts of the Mario Maker experience which is the ability to download levels from online. This was the main draw of the original, that and costumes, which are also missing. Playing through all the costume events in the original Mario Maker was absolutely brilliant, it was like a brand new version of the original Super Mario Bros.

Now on 3DS you get Medal Challenges for each of the new 100 stages. Things like “Only defeat Piranha Plants” or “Complete the stage without letting go of right” and stuff like that. Pretty standard really. The original also came without around 40 stages (if I remember correctly) which were cool, but were also just showing you what was possible with the level editor.

If you already own the Wii U version, I’d say wait and see what happens, I reckon someone will recreate the 100 unique stages to the 3DS version and put them online for the Wii U (if they are any good). If you haven’t played it yet though, I would definitely pick this up.

Check out the video below for the aforementioned Medal Challenges.

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