Skyrim mod support

Skyrim mod support console rundown

With the Skyrim: Special Edition hitting the shelves on Friday let’s take a look at console mod support.

Skyrim: Special Edition is soon out and who would have thought Skyrim would be making news five years after it’s 11.11.11 release date.

However there is plenty of life in the old dog yet, with upcoming enhanced re-releases proof of this. Due out this Friday excitingly it will enable mods for the first time on consoles.

Though the Xbox One and PS4 versions were not made equally.

Thanks to restrictions imposed by Sony there will only be 1GB of mod storage for PS4 and they cannot include external assets (sorry no Macho man dragons for you). Whereas the Xbox One version can have up to 5GB plus can have external assets.

Not surprisingly this has had a noticeable effect on the number of mods available. At the time of posting this article the Xbox One has a total of 65 unlike the PS4 which sits at a lowly 10.

Naturally you may ask how to get these mods, well…


Note: you will have to have linked your ID to your console ID.

Visit the then head to the Skyrim mods section and choose your platform.

If there’s a mod you fancy simply click “add to library” so it is available for your Skyrim: Special Edition.


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